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"Promise me you'll come back, Sonic."

"Don't worry about me, Amy. Just stay safe; you don't have to worry about me."

"Don't worry, I will."

And with that, Sonic The Hedgehog ran off to his next battle with Dr. Eggman, with Amy waving goodbye as he left. However, she felt that things were going to go differently this time...

It was supposed to be just another ordinary day in the life of Sonic The Hedgehog, fighting Eggman's inventions to save the world. His best friend Tails and his buddy Knuckles had joined the fight against Eggman's newest creation. However, today, things were anything but ordinary. In the constant struggle over the Chaos Emeralds, Eggman had managed to gain possession of all seven, and it was paying him dividends in his latest super-mech.

Eggman's latest invention proved to be too tough for the three heroes. Powered by the emeralds, it had no weakness. It was tough enough to take every blow without even suffering a dent, it was fast enough to react to every single attack they threw, and it was strong enough that its attacks had devastating effect against the heroes. The Master Emerald? It had been shattered in a previous encounter, and Eggman was in possession of the remaining shards that Knuckles hadn't found thus far. Things were looking bleak.

Smack! Sonic's last ditch effort to take out the mech was met with the full force of the machine's giant fist, sending him hurtling into the ground. Sonic was a shattered man. His body was covered with scratches and bruises and inside he had a number of broken bones. He didn't want to give up, however. He attempted to get up, but this time the damage was just too great, and he collapsed back onto the ground. The fastest thing alive... now unable to even stand up, let alone run.

Tails and Knuckles were already left in a similar shape. With the trio defeated, Eggman decided it was time to finish off his nemesis once and for all. And he was going to do it with a bang.

He turned his mech towards Sonic, before its chest began to open up, revealing a massive cannon. The cannon pointed itself directly at Sonic.

"Any last words before I finish you off, Sonic?"

Sonic only had one thing to say.

"I'm sorry Amy, I won't be coming back."

The cannon began to charge up with Chaos energy. There was no way he'd survive this in the condition he was in. He couldn't even move to get out of the way. The end was about to come. He just stared into light and waited for it to hit...

"Nooooooooo!" He heard a scream from the distance. Just a couple seconds later, a figure slid in front of him, arms extended, silhouetted by the blinding light emanating from the barrel of the cannon. He knew who this was, as he had told her to stay safe earlier that day. It was Amy Rose, positioning herself as if to block the cannon from hitting Sonic. What was she thinking, though? He had told her to stay safe, and now she was going to get herself killed for no reason. But there was no time to react. The cannon immediately fired, sending the full force of the seven Chaos Emeralds' energies straight towards him... and Amy. He closed his eyes and waited for the blast to reach him...

Tails and Knuckles watched in horror as Amy took the full force of the blast, but as if it were some twisted miracle, the battered blue hedgehog behind her was left untouched. As the blast subsided, the pink hedgehog collapsed on top of her hero. He opened his eyes once more, realizing that he hadn't been hit.

Eggman was furious. "That should have shot straight through them both!" he yelled out to himself.

"No, Amy! Why?" Sonic screamed out, using what little remaining energy and endurance he had to move his arms and embrace the girl who gave herself up for him. Why did she do it, though? Sonic was a goner, anyways. She could have lived on without him. But for her, she would rather die than live to see the one she loves dead. Besides, it would be no fun living in a world ruled by Eggman.

However, Amy's seemingly lifeless body began to glow. Sonic releases his embrace, allowing his arms to fall back to the ground. "Amy?" he asked. The glow started faint, but became brighter until she was glowing a bright golden colour, replacing her normally pink fur. Sonic's mouth was open in shock. Amy gradually opened her eyes and, amazingly, raised herself to her feet, back in front of Sonic, except now golden yellow and with her quills more erect compared to their usual downward position.

"Woah, Amy! Look at yourself!" Sonic said.

Amy glanced down, noticing that she was glowing. "Sonic. Am I... super?" She then attempted to start floating upwards, and her body responded, levitating about a foot into the air. Perhaps it was a bit awkward doing so right in front of Sonic considering her trademark dress, but that was the last thing on her mind at this point.

Tails and Knuckles were shocked at what was going on. Tails decided to come up with a preliminary explanation as to how this could have happened. "They say Chaos is power enriched by the heart. I guess that when Amy jumped in front of the cannon, she willingly absorbed the energy out of love for Sonic. If she had tried to fight it, she would have been blown to bits and so would have Sonic. I'm just surprised that she made it through that whole wave of energy."

"Couldn't Sonic have just absorbed it himself and have the same effect?" Knuckles asked.

"Perhaps, but considering his current state, probably not."

They then turned their attention back to the standoff between Super Amy and Eggman. Eggman tried the controls, wanting to do anything now to finish him off and deal with the new threat in front of him. Unfortunately, nothing responded. The blast had used up all the mech's energy, leaving it paralyzed. He watched as Amy pulled out her hammer and slammed it into the ground, sending a wave along the ground that flipped the entire mech onto its back.

She then turned her attention back to Sonic. "You promised me that you would come back, Sonic!"

"And you promised to stay safe. That could have easily gone the other way for you. I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

"You shouldn't worry about me Sonic. I'll take anything for you. Even if I have to put myself in harm's way, just to make sure you're all right. No matter the situation, I'm putting you before my own well-being. Because... I don't want to lose you Sonic!"

She then leaned in to give Sonic a kiss. On the lips. Amy was happy to be finally kissing her hero, but she was also worried about whether Sonic was enjoying it. As for Sonic, he normally doesn't enjoy kisses, but this one was special. It wasn't just another act of Amy's crush this time. It was an expression of Amy's unending, literally undying love for him, and he was enjoying the moment despite the pain he was in. But it wasn't just an ordinary kiss...

As the two hedgehogs shared the moment, Sonic's scratches and bruises began to fade. His bones began to mend at an accelerated pace. He started to glow as well. By the time they broke the kiss, Sonic's wounds were completely gone, and he was glowing as bright and golden as she was. He was now in his Super form as well.

Sonic was shocked. He had been healed. While he knew the Chaos energy had healing capabilities, he never thought that it would be Amy of all people utilizing it. He only had four words for the girl. "I love you, Amy." he said with a smile. Amy couldn't believe what she just heard. After all those years he finally said it. She was just so happy right now. Thoughts about the future started to flood her mind. All the things they would do as a couple.

Sonic reoriented himself to an upright position and returned his mind to the situation at hand. He saw in the distance his two friends still on the ground, along with Eggman's mech, struggling to get back up. "How are my friends doing?" he asked.

Amy's response was delayed, but she snapped out of her daydreaming state and turned her head around to look. "You go check on them. I'll take care of Egghead for you!" She decided to borrow one of the nicknames Sonic had for Eggman, asserting that they had more in common than most people give credit for.

Sonic raced over to his buddies to aid them. Meanwhile, Eggman's mech had gotten back on its feet, running on backup power. Unfortunately for Eggman, while he still possessed the Emeralds, he "accidentally" dumped all their energy into Amy. They had all the power, he had seven useless rocks, or so it seemed. He had indeed fired off all the Chaos energies, both light and dark. Amy had bravely absorbed all of the energies, both light and dark, to protect her Sonic. Only her unending love and pure heart held her together... any less and her body, heart and soul wouldn't be able to contain the energies and she would have very well simply exploded.

But she only held on to the light energy. The dark energy dissipated away invisibly during the process of her transformation, and the emeralds were beginning to re-absorb this dark energy. Eggman saw the energy readings begin to increase. He flipped the primary power back on, ready to use the dark energy to retake the victory that was stolen from him.

Super Amy floated in front of Eggman's mech, the two in a faceoff. "I'm gonna make you wish you never messed with us in the first place." she called out.

She then charged at the mech, but it quickly sidestepped and tried to intercept her path with a devastating punch. However, Amy quickly dashed upward, narrowly avoiding the hit. She then pulled her massive hammer and delivered a blow to the "head" of the mech. However, a force field appeared around the mech, tinted with a dark purple shade, repelling Amy and launching her back. She was shaken up by the resistance but not harmed.

However, at the same time, Eggman had launched a missile imbued with dark Chaos energy. Amy didn't notice it in time. And neither did an unsuspecting Sonic, who was still tending to his friends. He was hit directly by the blast, shielding his friends but getting blown away by the blast. His fur reverted to its normal blue colour. He was knocked out cold, now lying a few feet behind his fallen friends.

Amy was furious. "Sonic!" she called out. Then she turned back to Eggman and his mech. She charged at it once again, wielding her mighty hammer. Eggman fired another energized missile, this time at Amy. She tried to deflect it off with her hammer, but it detonated instead. The force of the blast blew her away, completely disorienting her, but fortunately she didn't take a direct hit and wasn't knocked out of her Super form or knocked out totally. By the time she got back up and returned to the battlefield, the massive cannon had reappeared once more, pointed directly at the three guys.

"Stop!" Eggman's voice boomed from the mech. Amy stopped, noticing the cannon, which was primed and ready to fire, evident from the glow coming from the barrel, this time with a purple hue. "One move and your friends are history. Surrender now or else."

Amy wasn't sure what to do now. Sonic wouldn't have wanted her to just give up. But at the same time, she couldn't make a move or the one she loved would be vapourized along with his two best friends. She only had one choice. She dashed directly into the cannon's line of fire. He had already pressed the trigger as soon as she started moving. She pulled out her most massive Piko Piko Hammer and with all her force, backed by the light energies of the Chaos emeralds, she pushed back against the dark energy blast, using the massive hammer as a shield to block it from reaching her, stopping it from reaching her allies but putting her into a classic superpower tug-of-war. It was Eggman's cannon firing a beam of dark energy, versus Amy and her hammer backed by the light energies.

Neither Amy nor the beam would give. Sonic quickly regained his consciousness, and immediately turned around to see Amy, taking the full force of Eggman's weaponry for him once more. She was such a brave girl, it warmed his heart for him to have someone like her. But he knew she would need some assistance. He closed his eyes and began to refocus the light Chaos energy that was disrupted when he got hit. His fur began to change colour once more...

After a few minutes of an even struggle, the battle was starting to take its toll on Amy. She started to weaken, and the beam began slowly pushing her back. She continued to push as hard as she could, but it was of no use. The beam was pushing her down towards the ground. It was only a matter of time before she would lose the tug-of-war and pay with her life. And what would happen to her friends, which she assumed were still directly behind her?

Just then, however, the beam lost its focus, releasing Amy from the struggle. She then looked to see the mech fall over on its side and subsequently explode from the instability caused by the fall, leaving it completely ruined and dysfunctional. Amy's hammer disappeared as she descended to the ground, reverting back to her normal form with her usual pink fur. She then looked to see what caused it to fall over.

It was Super Sonic. He had recollected his energy, enough to transform and win the fight for Amy. But it wasn't just him. Along with him he had his two teammates, healed and in their Super forms as well, with Tails glowing gold and surrounded by four flickies, and Knuckles glowing a light red colour. The three of them had recovered, gotten out of the way and delivered a powerful combined blow that was enough to knock the massive machine over.

Eggman then launched his Eggmobile as an escape pod, making a quick escape so that he could develop his next plan. That was perhaps the only thing that Eggman always succeeded in: escaping.

With the battle over, the three guys also reverted back to their normal forms, the energies returning to the Emeralds once more. The blue hedgehog immediately ran up to the pink one. "I'm so glad you're okay Amy!"

"I didn't know what would have happened if it weren't for you." she responded. The two embraced for a good long while, with Tails and Knuckles watching them. They had also ran up towards Amy to follow Sonic. "Awww." Tails just had to say it.

"So Sonic's finally not running away from her anymore." Knuckles said to Tails.

The two hedgehogs released from their embrace.

"Let's go home!" Amy said.

And with that, Sonic ran up to the wreckage to recover the seven Emeralds, while Knuckles recovered the remaining Master Emerald shards which Eggman had left behind in his hasty retreat. "I'm gonna head back to Angel Island to repair the Master Emerald. See you guys some other time." Knuckles called out.

"Hold on! Come with me to the lab; I'll take you back in the Tornado." Tails responded.

As Tails and Knuckles headed back to the lab, Sonic decided to stick with Amy for the day. The two of them headed to Amy's home, running together, and spending the rest of the day together before Sonic parted for the night. And from that point on, Sonic never ran away from Amy ever again.
Another one-shot. The battle isn't going as planned for our heroes. How will they win? Contains SonAmy.

I'm just a fan of Amy Rose, writing fan fiction.
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman belong to SEGA.
Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald belong to SEGA.
Super Sonic, Super Tails, Super Knuckles belong to SEGA.
Super Amy belongs to nobody ;)
Story belongs to me.
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